Reasons to Wear a Knee Brace or Support

Knee braces and supports have become a common treatment option for millions of Americans, both young and old, who suffer from knee pain. They are affordable, easy to purchase, and comfortable to wear. The question is, when are these devices truly helpful? There are really two reasons to wear a knee brace: for structural support or pain relief.

Structural Support

Sometimes, a knee brace is prescribed to a patient that has an ACL tear or another type of knee injury. The purpose of the brace is to provide added support during the recovery process. The decision to wear a structural support for the knee should be made based on several factors. For example, which ligaments are injured, what type of rehabilitation the patient doing or planning to do, and what type of sport they will be participating in? It is a good idea to have a discussion with a physician about which type of knee brace is best.

Pain Relief

Those that suffer from osteoarthritis or chronic pain caused by a previous injury may find comfort wearing a knee brace. This also gives peace of mind, as just knowing the brace will help prevent additional injury or damage is important. A common knee brace for arthritis-related pain relief is an unloader brace. This is designed to truly unload stress that is caused by arthritis in the inner knee. This brace is made in a way that limits side movement. It is designed to put three points of pressure on the thigh bone, which forces the knee to bend away from the area that is hurting.


Unless a physician has told their patient otherwise, there is usually a benefit to regular stretching and at least moderate exercise to strengthen leg muscles. This will end up helping to support a person’s knee. A knee brace doesn’t need to turn into an excuse to avoid exercise altogether. This isn’t the time to push the limits, but a good routine will keep the healing process moving in the right direction.

Those considering knee braces and supports need to make sure they find what they need to get the proper support. When visiting Mueller braces and supports online, compare the options and get the perfect fit. They offer online chat or the ability to call or email with questions about the products. To get more information, visit Search by sport, body part, or product.

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